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Stunning German Line Bong by Jerome Baker

9 inch (23cm)

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Product Description

  • Jerome Baker, a big name in handmade American glass bongs, is back with the German line, a new series of scientific glass bongs. Made in California, this stemless glass bong is designed for smoking concentrates and essential oils. This glass vapor bong is equipped with a 14.5mm male joint and a 14.5mm domeless glass nail or 14.5mm vapor dome with nail.

    This 9 inch (23 cm) tall percolator vapor bong features a stable round base and wide body with a narrow tube leading up to the comfortable flared mouthpiece. It is equipped with a built-in slitted bucket percolator that breaks up the smoke into smaller particles. The smoke then travels through the main chamber which cools the smoke down and results in a silky smooth hit. The front of the main chamber is decorated with the Jerome Baker logo. An original glass bong from Jerome Baker Designs is an investment you will enjoy for years, and you can smoke from it too

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