Shotgun Your Favorite Oil Blends with Double Barrel’s Two Cartridge Vape Pen

Unparalleled airflow and two cartridge chambers are what makes this sharply designed vape pen from Double Barrel stand out in a sea of vapes.

Twin barrels allow you to create huge clouds with custom flavor combinations by mixing and matching cartridges or simply cover the airflow hole on one side for a single cartridge draw.

The removable knuckle grip gives you grasp flexibility and the capability to multitask while vaping.

The best thing of all? No charging! You never have to charge the Double Barrel. We don’t know how it works either. Witchcraft? Magic?

Currently available in select states, check the Double Barrel website to find retail locations.

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[…] If you love big clouds, check out Double Barrel’s two-chamber vape pen! […]

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