Spotlight: Black Owned Cannabis Business – Hempfinity

Patrick Brown is a multi-generational farmer working the North Carolina land where his ancestors grew peaches, tobacco, and raised livestock. The only difference is that Patrick grows hemp for his Black-owned cannabis business Hempfinity. By switching from tobacco to hemp, the Brown Family Farm now heals people as well as helps the environment.

The hemp plants are processed at a local distillery and turned into a variety of infused products, such as creams, topical solutions, lotions, and pure hemp oil extract. Hempfinity even sells hemp flowers and hemp kief. Although not all the hemp Brown grows is medicinal.

While some hemp crops are planted for their CBD value, other varieties are grown for industrial use. Fiber hemp is used in an ever expanding array of construction and textile applications. Hemp creates excellent insultation and building materials, and may one day replace many plastics and other less earth-friendly composites.

Hempfinity hopes to enter the legal cannabis space once North Carolina catches up with the rest of the country and legalizes medical cannabis, but has no plans to leave industrial hemp behind. Noting that minority-owned cannabis businesses face major hurdles on the road to legalization, growing hemp for textiles and construction means there will always be revenue.

Hempfinity CBD products help both local and national customers manage conditions like anxiety, eczema, epilepsy, PTSD, and more. Their dedication to medical research and rigorous selection of phenotypes allows their products to be more effective than competitors thanks to increased active ingredients.


Learn more about Hempfinity and all about CBD oil here on their blog.

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