Summer Munchies: Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipes

Summer Munchies: Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipes

Summer Munchies Mason Jar Ice Cream
Photo by Nikolai Chernichenko on Unsplash

Nothing satisfies the summer munchies like cold, sweet, creamy ice cream. Store bought ice cream can’t hold a candle to the homemade stuff. If you’ve never made your own ice cream because you thought it was time consuming or too complicated, it’s time to try it. These mason jar ice cream recipes couldn’t be easier. Add all the ingredients into the jar, seal, and shake! No ice cream maker required!

Step One: Chill Your Jar

Place a clean 12 oz glass jar and lid in the fridge to cool. Do not place in the freezer! Let it chill for around 30 minutes.

One Jar, Two Ingredients

Start with a good ice cream base. Here’s a basic recipe with classic no-egg ice cream ingredients. Skip the simmering step and add all ingredients cold to your chilled jar.

Or, if you want something even easier, use heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk. No sweetened condensed milk? Make some by simmering milk and sugar together. Chill. Use one cup of heavy whipping cream and approximately 4 tablespoons of condensed milk.

Photo by Nikolai Chernichenko on Unsplash

Create a Flavor

Now that you have the perfect ice cream base, you can create your perfect flavor.

Add vanilla extract for rich vanilla ice cream. A perfect add on for pie and cake, or great on its own, in sundaes and cones.

Add unsweetened cocoa powder and bittersweet chocolate for easy chocolate ice cream.

Add cold coffee or espresso and mini chocolate chips for mocha chip.

Fresh mint, mint extract and mini chocolate chips equals homemade mint chip.

Experiment with a variety of fruits and flavor combinations. Strawberry chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, honey roasted sesame… the only limit is your imagination!

Summer Munchies Mason Jar Ice Cream Recipes
Courtesy of FoodiesFeed, Photo by Jakob Kapusnak

Got add-ins? Let your summer munchies cravings take over. Candies, cookies, brownie bits, everything is fair game with mason jar ice cream!

Shake, Shake, Shake

You should have all your cold ice cream ingredients in your chilled glass jar, now it’s time to shake. Shaking ice cream is an imprecise science. Much of it depends on your speed and vigor. As you shake, you will feel the volume of the jar change as your ice cream thickens. At this stage, you should check the jar every minute or two of shaking. If you over-shake, you’ll end up with something more akin to butter than ice cream.

Transfer into Freezer Safe Storage

Once your ice cream has reached the consistency you like, transfer it into a covered container that’s safe for the freezer. Most food storage systems like Tupperware, Pyrex, Rubbermaid, etc. are safe for the freezer. As your ice cream freezes, it expands and could crack or break regular glass or mason jars.

Now you and your ice cream chill. Smoke a fatty. Do a dab. Try not to think about the delicious ice cream in the freezer. Give it about 2-3 hours and it’ll be hard enough to scoop.

What are your favorite summer munchies? Have you made mason jar ice cream? Share your favorite flavors and summer snack ideas in the comments!

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about how to make ice cream from scratch, courtesy of Gold Coast Ice Cream.

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