Summer Skincare Favorite: CBD Face Mask with Aloe

CBD Skincare

A CBD face mask from CBDFX recently showed up in my latest beauty subscription box. A California heatwave gave me incentive to try it especially because I knew the soothing aloe would be healing on my face after too much sun.

Aloe is a medicinal plant known for its healing properties and in this mask, 50 mg of broad spectrum CBD accompanies it for even more skin-soothing relief. The benefits of CBD and aloe are especially helpful for irritated skin, acne and mild sunburn.

CBD face mask

The pouch contained a lot of product. It’s definitely a juicy mask! There was no noticeable aroma, just a clean, neutral smell. Although slippery, I applied the paper mask to my face and set my timer for the recommended 10 minutes.

At the set time, I removed the mask. The instructions specifically say not to wash your face after the mask, but there was still too much gel for my taste so I removed some of it with a clean, damp, washcloth and patted my face dry.

The results were nice. My skin looked better; clean, radiant and with smaller pores. It felt soft and smooth. I definitely experienced the temporary tightening it promises. I can see keeping a stash of these in my fridge for after-pool care on hot, summer days or anytime I want a cool, refreshing mask.

Try it: CBDFX CBD Face Mask with Aloe – $6.99

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