The Biggest Stoners in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Biggest Stoners in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In case you haven’t heard, Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is the latest video game craze to sweep the globe. Released in March, 2020, the game has already skyrocketed to one of the best-selling games of all time (#2 in Japan) thanks to more than 22.4 million in unit sales. At first blush, its wholesome, cartoony nature seems like a children’s game, but there are there are villager quirks and game items that make it awfully fun for adults too. In fact, if you’re a weed lover, you may recognize these characters as the biggest stoners in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Tom Nook – The Dealer
Tom Nook is one of the biggest stoners in Animal Crossing New Horizons
Tom Nook – Cannabis Kingpin

If you told me Tom Nook didn’t inhale, I’d call you a liar. This perpetually sleepy-eyed raccoon with his laid back Hawaiian print shirt has all the markings of a high level dealer. The first tip-off is he lives in the islands and has access to a seaplane. His wardrobe implies he likes high-end gold jewelry and he runs a rather shady construction company. Considering the inventory of Nook’s Cranny, it’s clearly a front for laundering money.

My theory is Tom bought this series of islands to grow his stash on and realized he needed a steady, local customer base. Luring them in with free houses initially, Mr. Nook holds the villagers captive within his monopoly once they’re hooked on his sticky icky. Upstanding businessman, you say? Pfh. Come look at my $2.5mil bare bones basement and say that to my face.

Flick – The Loner Stoner
That weird bug dude, Flick.

Flick is that weird dude you smoked out with once at the park who made everyone uncomfortable. Whatever Flick’s interest is in collecting any and all bugs, plus paying double for them, it’s anything but wholesome. Bug fights, torture, using them in black magic, whatever his deal is, he definitely gives off creep vibes.

Flick is clearly high as he wanders around your island, but he’s a stoner of convenience. He’s just as likely to drop acid or huff glue given the opportunity. He’s mostly harmless but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to meet him in an isolated area after dark.

Harv – The Hippie Stoner
Come join my commune, man.

Harv runs an artist colony on another island which he says is supported by income from his photo studio. That’s a nice story, Harv. It’s clear this pothead, hippie dog is the lead cultivator and grow master for Tom Nook’s weed empire. We’ll never have confirmation of this as he’s blocked access to all but a lone section of his island. My guess is this is where manufacturing, packaging and storage takes place, the center of operations. Why all the security, Harv?

The headband, the shades, Harv could be the long lost brother of Tommy Chong.

Pascal – The Philosopher Stoner
Perhaps the biggest stoner in Animal Crossing. Pascal the otter.
Pascal is a mooch.

This stoney otter shows up to bum a few hits off your joint and a free meal. In return, he’ll entertain you with his far-out philosophies and leave you with some trinket he’s picked up in his travels while finding himself. Pascal is the couch-surfer stoner who enjoys long, one-on-one smoke sessions discussing the hidden intricacies of the universe. He’s great to have around for a while, but if you’re not careful, you’ll end up with an unwanted roommate who never pays bills or buys groceries.

Set healthy boundaries with Pascal.

Hippeux – The Playboy Stoner
I’m rich, bitch!

Trust funder Hippeux was a coke head in college but has since mellowed out into a luxury-obsessed stoner, or shall we say bro-ner. He likes the best of everything. If it doesn’t cost 10x more than other products, a fact he’ll remind you of at least twice during your smoke sesh, he’s not interested. Hippeux uses gold leaf rolling papers and pays $500+ for an ounce of top-shelf bud.

People hang out with Hippeux because he’s rich, has nice stuff, and great weed, but everyone talks shit about him behind his back. Don’t feel bad, he’s using you too.

Leif – The Happy Homegrown Stoner
Can I buy your weed(s)?

Leif is the cheerful gardener who comes to town occasionally to buy weed. He’ll buy any weed you’ve got on you. He’s probably buying clones from Timmy and Tommy too. While friendly, Leif prefers the company of plants over people. It helps with his overwhelming feelings of existential dread.

Little is known about Leif, where he lives, what he does besides sell flowers and plants. He’s one of the more mysterious Animal Crossing vendors. But it’s almost certain he’s got some bushy trees growing among the tomatoes.

Who do you think is the biggest stoner in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Let us know in the comments below!

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