The Wild World of Magic Mushroom Art

Psychedelic mushrooms have been inspiring artists since their mind-bending properties first became known. They affect a part of the brain that controls perception and awareness. This leads to hallucinations which can be auditory and/or visual in nature. Many creatives feel compelled to capture the experience of psilocybin through trippy, magic mushroom art.

Civilizations from ancient to modern have used psilocybin mushrooms to commune with gods and spirits. The some evidence that ancient cultures used mushrooms was found in this 6,000 year old cave mural.

Prehistoric Magic Mushroom art
Selva Pascuala mural features a bull and 13 mushrooms
Prehistoric magic mushrooms

The oldest prehistoric cave painting thought to depict magic mushrooms was discovered in Algeria and is approximately 7,000-9,000 years old!

Finally we know why paisley was so popular

Even the druids got in on the psychedelic action in Ireland. There are two types of magic mushrooms native to there. The lesser potent of the two is said to create hallucinations of otherworldly creatures…creatures like fairies and leprechauns. Different types of hallucinogens create different hallucinations. Why was paisley so popular in the 70’s? People on LSD often reported seeing paisley visual distortions during their trips! Those trips inspired a long-standing fashion trend that’s totally mainstream now.

psychedelic art
Paisley is so trippy, man.
Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

Modern Magic Mushroom Art

Psychedelic art is as collectible as any other type. Given license to use beautiful colors and whimsical designs, it’s easy to see how artist can go wild. In 2017, The Natural Cannabis hosted their annual High Art competition with a theme of ‘psychedelia.’ The submissions were amazing!

High Art winner Bill Hope
The Natural Cannabis Company
Blob Tower – Bill Hope, High Art 2017

More Shroom Art

psychedelic mushroom art
Magic Mushroom Art Silk Tapestry
Sitting Buddha Amount Psychedelic Mushrooms art print
psychedelic art magic mushroom art
Mushroom Trip Orange art print

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