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Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Weed and Travel

Nothing makes a weed smoker jovial than the availability of different strains to try out. Young people flock Amsterdam, the weed capital of Europe, every year to get high and enjoy new. The ten pointers below will help you in the new adventure.


1. The weed potency and strains are not regulated
The weed sold on the Amsterdam coffee shops does not contain comprehensive information, contrary to other countries such as the US and Canada. Therefore, it is your responsibility as the buyer to know the strains used and potency levels of the weed.

2. Observe the protocols of coffee shops
Each coffee shop has a unique protocol that should be followed. In most cases, you will be expected to go through the menu. After picking your favorite weed, proceed to order a drink as a courtesy. Please note that the drinks are stocked for formality, and you can still do without them.

3. There are numerous weed options
Different coffee shops offer varying weed potencies for different strains. Therefore, it is difficult to point at a particular coffee shop and say that it is the best. In most cases, the coffee shops are differentiated from the quality of the coffee.

4. Gauge your limits
Since the potency of weed in Amsterdam is not verified, you should be careful when smoking. As a precautionary measure, you should avoid consuming high amounts at a time to avoid the euphoria. If you do not know your limits, stay still until the head-high effect wears off.

5. Weed is common among tourists
Tourists form the majority of weed smokers in Amsterdam coffee shops. In most cases, the tourists love to try different strains that are on offer from the coffee shop counters. So if you are planning to visit Amsterdam, don’t worry because there is ample space for taking your puffs.

6. Understand the weed contents
The Amsterdam coffee shops contain different types of weed to choose from. You can get pure weed, which is made from crushed dry marijuana leaves, or weed-infused with smokables, vapes, or edibles. The edibles contain high potency levels and, therefore, should be consumed in small quantities.

7. The law is complex
Smoking weed in public places is illegal in Amsterdam. However, you can smoke freely in a coffee shop. If it is your first time in Amsterdam, you can get all the information about smoking weed from The Coffeeshop Info Centre.

8. You should not possess more than 5g
Although smoking weed in a coffee shop is legal, you cannot have more than 5g in one sitting. Some strains of weed take some time before manifesting euphoria, and therefore you should take them in small quantities.

9. Avoid buying weed from the streets
Although weed sold on the streets might be cheaper than the one in coffee shops, it is risky. Some of the street sellers might mix the weed with toxic chemicals.

10. Coffee shops in Amsterdam do not discriminate non-Dutch
The coffee shops in Maastricht still require weed smokers to show a note as proof that they are Dutch. However, the coffee shops in Amsterdam are exempted from the order. Instead, they are only required to be situated 250m away from learning institutions.

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