Treat Yourself to One of These Beautiful Glass Art Dab Rigs

Treat Yourself to One of These Beautiful Glass Art Dab Rigs

Sometimes form and function come together in a beautiful way such as with these incredible glass art dab rigs. Creating glass art takes tremendous skill, talent and time. Imagine putting in hours and hours of labor only to have it crack or shatter at the end! Working with molten glass to create stunning art is no easy feat so it’s no surprise functional art glass comes at premium prices. However, if it’s within your budget, collecting glass art can be rewarding and you’ll certainly be the envy of all your friends!

Glass Artists to Watch
glass art dab rigs Reyna Glass

Reyna Glass – Heady Coconut Dab Rig

Make every session feel like a tropical vacation with this unique and whimsical coconut dab rig from Reyna Glass. California-based Reyna Rivera is the artist behind Reyna Glass and she’s been blowing and shaping glass since 2012.

Shop it here. $800

Phatt Ass Glass – Full Spiral Double Stack

art glass dab rigs PAG spiral

Aqua Lab Technologies carries a few glass art dab rigs from PAG, but this orange spiral double stack really popped with its eye-catching color.

As an oil rig, it offers premium dabs and it can be used for flower. The flared base keeps it stable on surfaces. Hand blown in Southern California.

Shop it here. $1300

Empire Glass – Self-Illuminating Forest Night Recycler

This Forest Night themed rig from Empire Glass features a large mushroom and forest creatures lining the inside and outside. Features UV accents and a black light-reflective mushroom to make your next smoke sesh a magical trip!

Shop it here. $879

Check out this 3D cannabis art for your home.

How do they do it? Watch this incredible time lapse video of Glass by Hunter creating his signature birdie glass art dab rig in just 3 minutes.

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