Video Games & Weed: Grounded on Xbox One

Grounded game on Xbox One
video games and weed
Open world survival game Grounded is in XBox and Steam Early Access Now

Video Games & Weed: Grounded on xbox one

Getting high and playing video games is more than a hobby, it’s a passion of mine. A huge fan of escapism, video games allow me to go anywhere and be anything I want for a while. Video games and weed blurs the lines between game universe and reality. It’s easier to feel totally immersed in another world while opening your mind to creative problem-solving and new perspectives. Speaking of new perspectives, that’s where Grounded, a new survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, comes in.

Think Big!

Open world survival games aren’t new. They remain popular due to their flexibility in play styles. The basics of these games include managing conditions like hunger and thirst, crafting and building, and protecting yourself from threats like creatures or other players. What is new is the setting for Grounded which finds you shrunk to a size slightly larger than an ant.

Did You Love Honey I Shrunk The Kids?

It’s a lot of fun being a micro human in a massive backyard! Manage your stats by drinking from dew drops perched high above on blades of grass and munching on mushrooms. To start, the only creature you can take are mites.

The graphics are beautiful. Pixar is what springs to mind for most people who’ve written about the game. The creatures are detailed; the plant life is lush. But more than that, the score and lighting really set the mood of the game, from its peaceful highs to its terrifying lows.

Arachnophobia and Accessibility

Like all backyards, this one has spiders, giant, jumping, red-eyed, fanged spiders. There are probably other spiders too, but I was taken out by a wolf spider. If you’re not a fan of spiders, there’s a host of settings to select from that alter their appearance including an arachnophobia safe mode.

There are other accessibility options as well, including settings for colorblindness, large text, and audible narration.

Home Sweet Home

Crafting and building are an important part of the game. It’s been simplified, in a good way. It’s easy to find and build from your learned recipes. There’s even shortcuts to skip extended menus. After researching a few of the materials I’d picked up, I set up a little grass hut for myself. I made a fire pit to roast my gnat meat and set up a workbench.

My story might have a happier ending if I’d just stayed in my little house by the light of the fire instead of wandering out into the dark for one more clover leaf. Alas, I was spotted by a wolf spider who followed me home and ended my life. No worries, you just respawn. But if you want your inventory back, you’ll have to search your corpse.

Grounded is in Early Access

One thing I love about early access games is that studios use the experience to integrate feedback from players before the finished product comes out. IMO, this makes for a better game. Currently you can only play Grounded on Xbox One or Windows through Windows Preview and Steam’s early access program. Although there are no current plans to port the game to other consoles, if it takes off (and I hope it does) it would be a great addition to Nintendo’s Switch.

If you love survival video games and weed, add this title to your weekend gaming sesh. It adds a whole other fantastical element to the perspective and vivid colors the game excels at.

Have you played Grounded? Let me know what you think!

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