Visit D.C., Buy a Dog Painting, Get Free Weed

District Derp is a unique art gallery in Washington D.C. First, all the artwork is painted by Sudo, the owner’s dog.

Secondly, each painting comes with a gift of free cannabis, the value of which is determined by the price of the painting you buy.

Why? Selling cannabis in Washington D.C. is illegal, but you can give less than an ounce away. This little loophole has allowed gallery owners Anais Hayes and Christopher Licata to create their unusual business venture.

As for the paintings, 4 year-old Sudo learned to paint on a bet and Licata created a custom paintbrush to accomplish it. It wasn’t easy but now Sudo seems to have masterfully grasped it.

So, if you find yourself in the nation’s capitol and desire cannabis, maybe check out the menu at District Derp and come home with an original Sudo painting!

Love weed and art? This incredible art was created entirely from joint roaches.

Korto Momolu creates wearable weed art with her cannabis fashions.

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