Wake and Bake! Cannabis Jam Recipes to Start the Morning Off Right

Wake and Bake! Cannabis Jam Recipes to Start the Morning Off Right

Whether you like to start every day with cannabis or are just looking for a treat for a special occasion, cannabis jams are a tasty way to enhance your breakfast or teatime.

With edibles like jam, you can carefully control your dose. Spread a little or a lot. And, when you’re making your own edibles, you can choose any strain that appeals to you. You don’t need to rely on cannabis packaging that just says “hybrid” or “indica.” You can make your canna-honey and canna-jam with high CBD strains, THC-rich or something in between; the choice is up to you!

Cannabis edibles can provide a different experience than smoking the same strain. If you’re new to edibles or are unsure how they might affect you, start out slow and build up your dose over time until you reach your desired medication level. Remember, it can take an hour or sometimes longer to feel the effects of edible products.

Now, grab your favorite local fruits, honey and cannabis strains for some simple homemade jam-making. First, you’ll need to start with some canna-honey.

Here’s a recipe for both canna-honey and jam from Royal Queen Seeds. Make the jam with any fruit you wish!

If you need a little more direction, try this Strawberry Canna-Jam recipe from Eat Your Cannabis.

Things get fancier with this Faux Fig Jam from InfusedEats.com with the addition of fresh figs and Jello. The name really ought to be Fig Faux Jam, but let’s not nitpick.

What can you do with all that jam you’ve created? Make this incredible brunch-worthy stuffed French toast recipe! Skip the cannabis butter and just swap out the regular jam for your homemade canna-jam.

Try this Cannabis-Infused Stuffed French Toast from MyRecipes.com!

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