Weed and Games: Teamwork and Betrayal in Social Game Among Us

Get high and play social game Among Us with friends during your next smoke sesh!

Weed and Games: Teamwork and Betrayal in Social Game Among Us

Looking for your new favorite party game? Among Us is just what you’ve been waiting for. Play online with friends or join a space crew of strangers from around the world. As a team, you must perform tasks and keep your spaceship going while facing betrayal from an inside saboteur. One player is actually an alien imposter attempting to thwart your efforts and murder every last one of you. Can you figure out who it is in time?

You can play with 4-10 people either online or local wi-fi, making it an excellent choice for your next smoke sesh with friends. Among Us is available on mobile and PC at the low, low price of free-$5, depending on the version you get. For just $2, you can remove the ads from the mobile game. Well worth it.

There’s no communication while you play until you come together as a team to discuss who the imposter is, at which point you can chat with your fellow players. It’s a little like Clue, trying to pin down the murderer, but with bluffing as the imposter can lie and attempt to throw suspicion elsewhere.

Whoever hosts gets to set the parameters for the game. Invite friends with a private room code or make it public and open to anyone. So even if you’re just sitting home alone smoking a bowl, you can still play Among Us and have a great time!

Check out Among Us here and download it today for mobile or PC.

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