Weed Jobs: 4 Tips for Launching a Career in Cannabis

There’s a misconception that the cannabis industry is made up of lazy slackers who smoke weed all day. While there are a few of those as there are in any career field, the people who are successful in the cannabis industry share some common traits. With the massive growth of legal cannabis and its related businesses, there are now more opportunities than ever to join this lucrative field. If you want a leg up on the best weed jobs, make sure you have all your bases covered.

How to Land the Best Weed Jobs

1.       Know the science. Cannabis isn’t all dank weed, bro. You need to know how and why it works for so many people. You need to know about cannabinoids, terpenes and the endocannabinoid system. If that sounds too daunting, this isn’t the industry for you.

2.       Know the market. Perhaps when you think of “stoners” you picture Deadheads, hippies and the metalheads in your high school, but the truth is that all types of people enjoy cannabis recreationally and medically. Women and seniors are two of the fastest growing markets for high quality cannabis products. Dispensary customers regularly run the gamut of college kids to wealthy professionals and everyone in between. People of Color and LGBTQ patrons are also regular cannabis consumers who have been largely overlooked but are finally getting some recognition. You can even find queer craft cannabis cultivators like Tuff-N-Tendergrass in Mendocino.

3.       Be professional. There’s no excuse to forgo basic business etiquette just because it’s the cannabis industry. Show up on time. Dress business casual. Lose the stoner lingo. Have a resume free from misspellings and errors. Follow up in a timely manner and keep your correspondence professional. Adhere to the company policies on using cannabis during work hours.

4.       Be honest and reliable. Truth be told, the cannabis industry is a natural magnet for irresponsible and larcenous people. You wouldn’t be the first employee to think they can enjoy freebies like cash and weed at the expense of their employer. But, guess what? They know all the tricks. And, if you think you can show up late and call out regularly, you’ll soon find yourself unemployed. The cannabis industry is no place for slackers. It’s growing at lightspeed and becoming fiercely competitive.

Successful cannabis business owners are looking for hard-working, passionate employees who are open-minded and eager to learn. If you can master the above, you’ll absolutely stand out among applicants!

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