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ShopMarijuana.com is committed to showcasing quality, cannabis-related content with the purpose of enriching our reader’s lives.  We focus on positive, informative, and inspiring articles by writers with unique perspectives and seek to amplify the voices of the underrepresented.

Do You Have Something Unique to Say to Cannabis Lovers?

We’re not interested in covering played out topics. Our readers want to know what’s hot, what’s cool and what’s new. We’re focused on the benefits to the reader, always. Will they learn something new? Consider a new perspective? Will it turn them on to their new favorite artist/performer/product/service/show/game? Help them achieve their goals? Be sure to let us know what our readers will gain from your article!

General Guidelines:

Here are some guidelines to getting published on ShopMarijuana.com:

·       Be original. We only accept original, unpublished work written by you. We check for plagiarism.

·       Be accurate. Be diligent about fact-checking and provide references where possible.

·       Be concise. Skip the flowery prose and embellishments. We like it straight to the point. Somewhere between 650-1200 is a good word count to work within.

·       Be funny, be edgy, be provocative, but always be professional. We want content that appeals to cannabis lovers of all ethnicities, ages, sizes, religions, genders and orientations. Be inclusive!

·       Be current. We are looking for tomorrow’s movers, makers, artists, entrepreneurs, not yesterday’s news. What should we be excited about?

·       Be positive. We’re not interested in fearcore or exploitive articles. We look to lift our readers up, not bring them down. We like content that encourages and guides our readers to better, more fulfilling lives.

Topics We Love:

We’re open to everything from personal stories to professional pitches on a wide range of subjects that appeal to today’s cannabis user. We really get excited when we hear about:

·       Cannabis creatives: artists, visionaries, makers, musicians and more.

·       Unique, small businesses providing something special to the cannabis community.

·       Success stories from LGBTQ and other underrepresented communities.  

·       Individuals making a positive impact in their communities and the world.

Photo, video and graphics submissions are welcome to accompany your article but are not required.

Please take a look at our current website content and ask yourself how you can add to the creative whole of the project. Send all inquiries and submissions to: Submissions@ShopMarijuana.com